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About Smiles Career

Our Service


Dream jobs in Japan for foreigners

Smiles Career has provided many life-changing opportunities and continues to offer a job-searching service for foreigners who are seeking jobs in Japan since 2019.

We make sure that our exclusive job listing can be open to those with unique backgrounds such as having minimal skills, recently graduating from college, only being able to speak in English and more. 

Our Vision

Create your success story


In relation to our sister company, Smiles Mobile Remittance, we highly support those who have made a choice to move away from their home country and take on challenges in Japan.

Smiles Mobile Remittance is the number one mobile money transfer service in Japan and received the Good Design Award in 2021. Since its launch in 2017, it has served thousands of overseas workers to help them support their loved ones back home. 

We always understood the importance of creating a memorable and rich life overseas while staying connected with family and friends back home. One of the most crucial and challenging tasks that a foreigner encounters is finding a job.

This is where Smiles Career comes in:

Smiles Career was established in 2019 to help foreigners find their dream job in Japan. It's inevitable that job-searching as a foreigner can be its own obstacle. It may be difficult to communicate given the lack of Japanese skills, adjust to an entirely new environment, find the right opportunity and stay comfortable while being away from family and friends back home. 

We believe the three key aspects listed below can be strengthened through Smiles Career:

1. Income

2. Career development

3. Family support

Landing a job can be challenging, so we hope we can provide the best jobs in Japan for foreigners who want to succeed and live to the fullest abroad. What will your success story be?

How to apply


1. Check job list

To see what job opportunities are available in Japan through Smiles Career, click/tap on the button below:

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2. Apply

If you see a job that may suit you, send your application to our email address:

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3. Interview

If both you and the company agree to move on from the application process, an interview will be scheduled.

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4. Start working

Once you've accepted an opportunity, sign the employment contract and start working.  Smiles Career will be by your side if you need assistance.

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